Weight Loss, Chest Pain & More

I was barely able to walk from knee pain. My body was so immense I couldn’t even get through a doorway without squeezing myself through.

There are no words to thank Tobi for the help she has given me… when she was first recommended years ago I was able to eat hardly any food without extreme gas pain which I thought was a heart attack but she reassured me wasn’t… I was barely able to walk from knee pain. My body was so immense I couldn’t even get through a doorway without squeezing myself through.

Now, years later, I look at least 20 years younger, and I’ve had to get rid of all my clothes that were so huge. I’m now down to about a size 10 or 12. I have very few pains, almost none.

I am able to eat what she channels which changes approximately monthly, while starving the parasites which were killing me… and I now walk 2-3 miles a day…

I train Alaskan Huskies for the Iditarod race. This past winter I called Tobi to see if I was in good enough health, could I handle it? I’m almost 65 years old – temperatures there drop to 60-below zero, which is unheard of for a person in the condition I’d been in before seeing Tobi. She told me you’re absolutely well enough, and you’re going to go, and have a wonderful time. And I did, and I did.

Tobi has been available on a 24 hour basis and has always returned my calls when I needed her. When we first started working together, I needed a lot of help. I constantly believed I was having a heart attack, one after another… She reassured me that I was not. It was gas and fungus from parasites not allowing the food to move down and be digested. The gas was so severe I felt panicky and really believed I was having a heart attack. That never happens anymore.

She continues to help when we need her. One can go into any kind of food store, health food store or pharmacy and she can feel via the phone exactly what is needed no matter what country you’re in.

Many thanks to Tobi for sharing her gifts and healing us.

Thank you in the here and now and hereafter.


Marilyn Bacon

I had deteriorated so much that I spent the last 5 years mostly home-bound, bed-ridden and in severe chronic pain and suffering at all times. There was no relief and very little hope.

I was really depressed and had crazy dreams of death and I looked in the mirror and looked at my reflection and just saw myself dead

For at least 15 years I suffered severe stabbing pains in my lower back feeling like a small knife switching from one side to the other


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Being a multidimensional woman, Tobi brings all of herself and her gifts to creating magical, fanciful and grand environments for all types of homes, businesses and public spaces.