Testimonial: Mystery Disease

Since no one could give a diagnosis of what I had, no one could apparently help

I was referred to Tobi at a time when I was going through one of my deadly bouts. I had apparently contracted the ‘mystery’ disease according to doctors in the US, Africa and Mexico. Since no one could give a diagnosis of what I had, no one could apparently help. In the meantime I sought out many doctors, specialists and alternative treatments… nothing helped. I would still get deathly ill and sometimes be bedridden or hospitalized for weeks.

I had suffered for years when I met Tobi and wondered constantly if I would ever be able to lead a normal life.

I prayed for someone who would help me. Meeting Tobi was a godsend! I would not be alive today if I hadn’t met her. Her advice and treatment have brought me where I am today. I feel healthy, wonderful and am blessed with a radiance that starts deep inside and shines outward. I glow. I have regained my health, my confidence and as a result my life, and am eternally grateful to her.

Santa Fe, NM

I have walked a narrow line between being alive, and being dead, and I was terrified that I would cross to death before my time — until recently that is, thanks to multiple miracles. I was very, very, very sick close to death!

I'd had migraines my entire life, recurring rashes on my hands, low energy, and had started to develop shaky hands. My future was looking dark.

With POS, I dealt with depression issues, from the not being able to deal, to crying, mood swings, really not functioning...


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