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Is this for you?

Santa Fe, NM & beyond's best Psychic Channel & Intuitive is able to accept only a very limited number of "heal-ees". Want to know more?

Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Muscular Dystrophy, Obesity, Herpes, HPV, Leukemia, Allergies, even AIDS etc... I channel the diet and medicine to safely and thoroughly kill the parasites that have been causing your Dis-Ease.

With this knowledge, and the ability to feel into Body, I can heal disease - whatever it may be called by the modern medical establishment.

There are many, many different kinds of parasites.

I have the ability to feel into Body (being clairvoyant and clear-sentient), see what parasites are lurking, and where. I have the ability to go into the emotional origin of such dis-ease, and give my healee the understanding that when you abandon an emotion, disease takes over.

The first step is to channel your diet, including certain medicines.

In addition, I will, by phone, help you shop. Yes that is correct. I will be on the phone with you as you pick out each item on your diet, helping you choose the exact product and item which will be most effective for your healing. Your regime will change every 12 to 14 days.

For more complete information, please see "How I Work".

I do not decide what to charge - I appeal to my guides to let me know what is an appropriate fee per month. It is different for each person according to what I am guided to do, and what you can truly afford. This ensures it is unfailingly fair and just for all parties.

God taught me the Chakras, which delight me. They are actually the glands, functioning creating Light… one's aura. Light slows down, densifies, and becomes holographic reality (what we experience as reality)... Quantum Physics. Everything being molecules of Light, vibrating at a slower frequency, creating matter... THE HOLOGRAM. There is so much I’ve learned and so much I am obligated to share and teach.

Diseases… dis-eases… are healable.

When I reach a certain place with my heal-ees and they don’t like the emotion we’ve touched, I often lose them. I want to work with people who have passion to take on all emotions they have been self-hating, and DESIRE to go deeper within themselves. As I have said before, we being the Microcosm, by our changing and learning ourselves, will make a difference to the Macrocosm... the Big Picture… Our Earth… Our World

I particularly enjoy working with cases that are "impossible" to diagnose, or have been mis-diagnosed. To date I have had absolutely no difficulty in diagnosing any health problem that exists. In fact, I often diagnose illnesses long before, even years before medical tests do, which means I can help you work towards vibrant health (avoiding invasive surgeries and debilitating drug regimes), providing you with a safe alternative.

Working with me, there is no such thing as an undiagnosable disease.

Body’s constitution requires certain foods that enhance. I have the ability to feel into your particular Body’s requirements, in order to assist you in being the healthiest and (most) fit you can possibly be. Because Body has been malnourished, one could be overweight (holding water… toxic). I will assist you in order to regain full balance to your constitution.

Call me a nutritionist.

Call me a healing empath.

Call me your personal dietitian.

A Testimony from one of my Healees:

There are no words to thank Tobi for the help she has given me… when she was first recommended years ago I was able to eat hardly any food without extreme gas pain which I thought was a heart attack but she reassured me wasn’t… I was barely able to walk from knee pain. My body was so immense I couldn’t even get through a doorway without squeezing myself through.

Now, years later, I look at least 20 years younger, and I’ve had to get rid of all my clothes that were so huge. I’m now down to about a size 10 or 12. I have very few pains, almost none.

I am able to eat what she channels, while starving the parasites which were killing me… and I now walk 2-3 miles a day…

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Tobi Wilde

My Godly Gift is the ability to interpret my feelings, therefore, when I feel into your Body, I receive knowledge of your ailment, a.k.a. dis-ease... Including feeling into various plants and medicines to know how they would work with Body's needs.

Being your Healer, if need be, you may call me when you do go out to eat. Please be sensitive to my time. I would prefer you call me, rather than you feeding your disease.

Alcohol and coffee, and other foods and beverages, completely depend on your regime.

If you are addicted to tobacco, I will work with you to dispel the habit. Tobacco contains parasites which will lead to throat and lung cancer, etc.

You must absolutely stick to your diet, otherwise you can reverse days or weeks of work. This is critical.

When in doubt, you can call and ask what to do.

For example, traveling can be difficult, and you may find yourself someplace where you can't find anything that is strictly on your diet. You may call and ask if there is something where you are, that can work.

Typically I take calls between 11:30am and 10:30pm US Mountain Time most days. If you have a true emergency I will be available as needed.

You are a unique individual with unique concerns. It depends how sick you are, how difficult the disease is to fight, how healthy you wish to be overall, and what your goals are as a person or soul. There are often deeper, more tenacious levels of illness that surface when you have worked through a surface-level condition. It is always your choice what to do.

I do not decide what to charge - I appeal to my guides to let me know what is an appropriate fee per month. It is different for each person according to what I am guided to do, and what you can truly afford. This ensures it is unfailingly fair and just for all parties.

You must simply have respect for what I can do and do for you, and value such appropriately.

Please use the contact form, or call my associate, Adam, at +1 505-989-1388 and we will set up a time. You can start immediately if you are ready.

There is no limitation of location to work with me. I can channel your Body over the phone from wherever on Earth you may be. Hopefully there will be access to the foods you need & meds you need where you are

So far I have not toured, as I have not been called upon to do so.


Medical Intuitive or psychic consultations are not a substitute for professional advice from a medical doctor, mental health professional, lawyer or any other licensed professional.

No responsibility is assumed for advice given and/or action taken by a client based on information received during a consultation.


Being a multidimensional woman, Tobi brings all of herself and her gifts to creating magical, fanciful and grand environments for all types of homes, businesses and public spaces.