Frequently Asked Questions

The gift Tobi received from God is an ability to feel into your Body using her Third Eye, and to feel what your Body needs in that moment. She is also able to feel into plants and medicines and know if they will be what your Body needs.

A rational explanation for this is that as an extremely feeling being, she has the sensitivity to feel what your Body is feeling, even when you are not able to and in ways you are not able to, and can then interpret that information. Her own Body informs her what foods or medicines will function best to balance yours.


You will absolutely need to confirm that your food will work for you, and that healthy oils, sugars etc will be used. You may call Tobi to channel what on their menu will work for you. It is rather amazing actually. Just be sensitive to her time, and don't call her 16 times a day.

Alcohol and coffee, and other foods or beverages, completely depend on your diet or what Tobi channels in the moment.

Tobacco would be a strong "no," although certain herbs may, on occasion, be part of your diet if they are parasite-free.

You must absolutely stick to your diet, otherwise you can reverse days or weeks of work. This is critical.

When in doubt, you can call and ask what to do.

For example, traveling can be difficult, and you may find yourself someplace where you can't find anything that is strictly on your diet. You may call and ask if there is something where you are, that can work.

Typically she takes calls between 11:30am and 10:30pm US Mountain Time most days. If you have a true emergency she will be available as needed.

You are a unique individual with unique concerns. It depends how sick you are, how difficult the disease is to fight, how healthy you wish to be overall, and what your goals are as a person or soul. There are often deeper, more tenacious levels of illness that surface when you have worked through a surface-level condition. It is always your choice what to do.

Tobi does not decide what to charge - she appeals to her guides to let her know what is an appropriate fee per month. It is different for each person according to what she is guided to do, and what you can truly afford. This ensures it is unfailingly fair and just for all parties.

You must simply have respect for what Tobi can do and does for you, and value such appropriately.

Please use the contact form, or call +1 505-989-1388 and we will set up a time for you to chat with her. You can start immediately if you are ready.

There is no limitation of location to work with Tobi. She can channel your Body over the phone from wherever on Earth you may be. Hopefully there will be access to the foods you need & meds you need where you are

So far she has not toured, as she has not been called upon to do so.


Medical Intuitive or psychic consultations are not a substitute for professional advice from a medical doctor, mental health professional, lawyer or any other licensed professional.

No responsibility is assumed for advice given and/or action taken by a client based on information received during a consultation.


Being a multidimensional woman, Tobi brings all of herself and her gifts to creating magical, fanciful and grand environments for all types of homes, businesses and public spaces.