Current medical practices are, for me, archaic. Reality is that diseases stem from parasites. Since this is true, what we need to do together is to annihilate those parasites, otherwise known as disease.

This note recently fluttered out of Tobi's desk. From 2003!
I absolutely believe with all of my being, that if he had committed to working with Tobi, he would be alive today, and he'd be a better person for it. If anybody could have saved him, it would have been Tobi...
I have made many discoveries about a supposedly incurable disease known as “herpes”

Everyone out there gets major, horrific diseases… but not me!


Medical Intuitive or psychic consultations are not a substitute for professional advice from a medical doctor, mental health professional, lawyer or any other licensed professional.

No responsibility is assumed for advice given and/or action taken by a client based on information received during a consultation.


Being a multidimensional woman, Tobi brings all of herself and her gifts to creating magical, fanciful and grand environments for all types of homes, businesses and public spaces.