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Love, Honor and Cherish of the Self, to access God's Loving Light in Body as His Temple

God taught me the Chakras, which is so much fun. They are actually the glands, and the functioning energy creates our aura. The aura, moving off… Quantum Physics. Everything being a hologram... In other words, All that Exists in our world is Light slowed down to become Matter (Reality as we know it)

Tobi Wilde has been featured for her holistic, medical intuitive work in newspapers, magazines and radio numerous times over the past 30 years. She's been invited on major talk shows, and has worked with clients from all across the globe, some of whom have traveled to Santa Fe specifically to work with her in person (although that is not necessary). Her absolute devotion to God empowers her gifts and personal evolution.

I'm not certain exactly where to begin. I had bulimia for more than 40 years, beginning when I was about 13. There was no name for it at that time. I'd puke at least 20 times a day. I didn't know how to eat or how much to eat. Around that period of time I had read “Autobiography of a Yogi,” which inspired me to fast for days upon days.

In the Bay Area, in my later thirties, three doctors diagnosed me with incurable leukemia, and gave me a death sentence of no more than two years. By the time I'd gotten to the fourth doctor, he said I'd be lucky if I had a year. In my greatest angst I called to God, and He called me to Santa Fe, NM. In Albuquerque I found a doctor specializing in kinesiology, herbs and diet. And meanwhile charging me $850 a visit (including the medicines he recommended, of which he jacked up the prices). At that time I also had a terrible condition where I was chronically constipated, which I also went to him for, and that he could not heal. Later on I brought my ex-husband to him for asthma, which again he could not heal. Although he did help me heal my leukemia, he never explained to me what was the leukemia.

Soon after I met my ex-husband I began to hemorrhage. It kept getting more and more severe, until I became sanguine; afraid to fall asleep for fear of falling into a coma, losing my Body and dying; bedridden, ruining three really good mattresses. In desperation I went to one doctor after another. All kinds of doctors. The best hope they offered me was a full hysterectomy, which I rejected. Because I had been a channel long before I was a healing empath, I revered the Chakras, and didn't want to have my second Chakra cut out. I'd rather die with my boots on, so to speak.

Finally at that time, when I could no longer stand on my own without someone helping, I found a so-called “healer” who put me on raw meat. Here I am, a vegetarian, eating raw meat. But she said I had lost so much hemoglobin I was close to permanent brain damage, let alone death. I had almost no pulse, with heart palpitations close to a heart attack. I could not eat the raw meat long without feeling horrible about myself. The hemorrhaging did subside, but in exchange my tiny waistline went to at least 90 inches, with a draping belly. My breasts became more like udders, I had jowls and no neck, etc.

Friends suggested we all see Hanna Kroeger in Colorado, a pioneer for use of the pendulum. She took her pendulum (which I didn't know how to use at that time) and said I had two to seven months to live, with an advanced form of a disease called Madeira Mycosis, otherwise known as the Monkey Disease. Which she said was in epidemic proportions in Mexico. Soon thereafter I learned to use the pendulum myself. But nothing was helping me.

My beautiful Body had become more like the body of a hippopotamus or a rhinoceros. In my desperation one night I groveled and wailed and cried and screamed to God. “Kill me if you don't Love me, I can't take it anymore.” I wailed and wailed and cried all night. “But if you do Love me, God, please give me a miracle.” When morning came, the misery was gone, replaced by a spiritual Kundalini energy. I was told, “Ask your Body a question.” I said, “are you my Body?” That's when I began my own form of kinesiology. I was told, “We – God, Body and myself – are going to heal you, and as We do, We will heal others.”

This was the beginning. There have been many evolutions since. I feel all this has given me much wisdom!


I forgot to mention I had hepatitis 5 times. Here's what happened to me after I had that miracle: I have the ability to feel into Body, and with my 3rd eye, see what parasites are lurking, and where. I have the ability to go into the emotional origin of such dis-ease, and give my healee the understanding when you abandon emotions, parasites, being as squatters, take over what gland or organ is responsible for such emotions.

I also have the ability to feel into a plant, any plant, and know what that plant/weed would be good for, for the Body's healing. I also have the ability to feel into precious and semi-precious stones, and do the same. 

All diseases… dis-eases… are healable.

When I reach a certain place with my healees and they don't like the emotion we're touching, I often lose them. I want to work with people who can handle, and WANT, to go deeper within themselves. I view the Macrocosm, the sadness, the disappointment, the destruction of our Earth, etc., as the Microcosm. Each and every One of us can make a difference. But it's really deep. It's within us.

Tobi Wilde


Medical Intuitive or psychic consultations are not a substitute for professional advice from a medical doctor, mental health professional, lawyer or any other licensed professional.

No responsibility is assumed for advice given and/or action taken by a client based on information received during a consultation.


Being a multidimensional woman, Tobi brings all of herself and her gifts to creating magical, fanciful and grand environments for all types of homes, businesses and public spaces.