Undiagnosed Mystery Illness

Since no one could give a diagnosis of what I had, no one could apparently help

I was referred to Tobi at a time when I was going through one of my deadly bouts. I had apparently contracted the ‘mystery’ disease according to doctors in the US, Africa and Mexico. Since no one could give a diagnosis of what I had, no one could apparently help. In the meantime I sought out many doctors, specialists and alternative treatments… nothing helped. I would still get deathly ill and sometimes be bedridden or hospitalized for weeks.

I had suffered for years when I met Tobi and wondered constantly if I would ever be able to lead a normal life.

I prayed for someone who would help me. Meeting Tobi was a godsend! I would not be alive today if I hadn’t met her. Her advice and treatment have brought me where I am today. I feel healthy, wonderful and am blessed with a radiance that starts deep inside and shines outward. I glow. I have regained my health, my confidence and as a result my life, and am eternally grateful to her.

Santa Fe, NM

Your help - your gift of healing - is helping save my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Don't even want to think of it... because I know that I found you just in time.
I have been off my medication for them for over a week and have not had any allergy attacks...

This vivacious 10 year-old girl could only stand briefly without a support. Today she can stand for longer than she can count, her speech, posture and cognition have visibly improved…


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