Undiagnosable Symptoms

I had deteriorated so much that I spent the last 5 years mostly home-bound, bed-ridden and in severe chronic pain and suffering at all times. There was no relief and very little hope.

If you find yourself being called a medical mystery (or feeling like one), if you have been told it is all in your head and you know it is not, if you are lost in a sea of red tape and simply not finding any answers or help – then you are right where I was at when I found Tobi – and there is hope. Tobi is someone that can help you no matter what your situation is. Her methods are not for the faint of heart, because true healing can be very hard work. But for those bold souls willing to fight for their own health and well being – Tobi will fight just as hard for you to succeed at meeting your own best potential healthy and whole self. I have been seriously ill and fighting for my life for the last 20 years. I’ve seen countless doctors and practitioners, both traditional and alternative – and none of them, not even world renowned specialists – were able to offer me any kind of solution or relief. I have been treated as a human pin cushion with countless painful tests and procedures that did absolutely nothing for me. I have been (mis)diagnosed with all sorts of things from food allergies to Multiple Sclerosis and offered nothing but dangerous ineffective medications with terrible side-effects.

I had deteriorated so much that I spent the last 5 years mostly home-bound, bed-ridden and in severe chronic pain and suffering at all times. There was no relief and very little hope. Life was not life anymore as I was unable to do any real living. I was dying and though I was doing my best, trying every possible solution I could to fight for my life – nothing was working, I desperately needed help and I had run out of places to find it….and that is when I found Tobi.

In the first 15 minutes that I spent with her on the phone, Tobi was able to piece together more about my mystery health and even confirm things that had taken all the rest over 20 years to figure out. And in the last year working with her, I have had more progress than all those 20 years put together too.

It has been a very difficult journey, but with Tobi, one filled with hope as slowly but surely, with hard work, commitment and determination – I have been reversing my illness and taking the one foot I had in the grave, and stepping back into life.

In the last 4-5 months, I have begun experiencing vitality again. I have been able to begin doing the things I love again – getting out of not only the bed, but the house. I have been riding a motorcycle again, volunteering, finding friends and a community I wasn’t able to connect with before and most recently I just got my first job in 5 years. Just a year ago I was unable to make it to my own brother’s wedding because I could not travel…..a simple plane ride….and I had to miss my brother’s most significant day.
And now – I know that sort of limitation will not get in my way again.

You may be a skeptic – I certainly was – I had a lot of promising health leads before I found Tobi that all ended up at dead ends. But regardless, results speak for themselves – and Tobi produces results. She is real, has been through her own struggles and knows better than anyone what it is like to fight for your own life. She offered me not just hope, but assurance of help – and has never stopped delivering that. Her methods may seem outside of the box at times and may not be like anything you have every experienced (she is one of a kind) – but they do work and she will get you where you wish to be. And you may find that you can go much further than you ever even thought or dreamed possible. Tobi doesn’t just help you heal your body, but she helps you in your own personal evolution as a whole entire being.

I am not healed yet….20 years of damage does not reverse overnight….but I am much closer than I was and that is thanks to Tobi’s guidance and assistance. I was very much in the dark when I came to Tobi – she offered me a light….and I am now beginning to see the path not just with the help of Tobi’s light, but my own light.

Work with Tobi and know that the possibilities are endless – and the only limitations will be the ones you set on yourself. Very simply, proof is in the pudding, and I am the pudding.

Do not underestimate the sheer power and strength of the monarch butterfly…its delicate wings take it thousands of miles and that fragile body survives more than you could ever imagine it could bear. Now imagine the strength and ability of their noble queen…well, that’s Tobi.

To everyone on this journey, God speed.

Your help - your gift of healing - is helping save my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Don't even want to think of it... because I know that I found you just in time.
I have been off my medication for them for over a week and have not had any allergy attacks...

This vivacious 10 year-old girl could only stand briefly without a support. Today she can stand for longer than she can count, her speech, posture and cognition have visibly improved…


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