I have walked a narrow line between being alive, and being dead, and I was terrified that I would cross to death before my time — until recently that is, thanks to multiple miracles. I was very, very, very sick close to death!

My name is Justin and I’m 23 now for 4 years I have suffered terribly. It has changed me a lot, and made me a much stronger person. I been affected by a state of disease not many people could understand unless they experienced it. I had full blown AIDS with multiple co-infections!

In 2010 I graduated from High school around the 4th of July that year I was walking in a field near my house. I was coming back from all the festivities. It was a marvelous time there was so much celebration going on. I had met some friends, and was returning from the day of festivities. I was living in Michigan at the time. I felt dizzy and, high, and quite unlike myself. I lost my balance, and kneeled in the grass. It felt like there was blackness all around me. I knew something was terribly wrong, and that I needed to seek help. It felt like I was being consumed…. I went to the doctors desperately fearing for my life, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me but said there were some irregularities in my blood. They figured I had OD on some drug. Which I was adamant I had NOT! They tested me for a lot of things and gave me some sleeping pills and sent me home.

For the next few months I had terrible insomnia. I couldn’t sleep, my heart would race, I felt toxic, and poisoned. I had trouble stringing words together, or even thinking. I would constantly urinate all the time and it would stink. It felt like I had died but not quite. I would shake and tremble and cry but I couldn’t feel anything. I couldn’t feel sad or happy. I just existed I was just there. I forced myself to live. This is extremely painful to write and think about.

Before all of this happened I was a bright healthy vivacious person, I could write the most beautiful poetry, I was fully present. I had thick hair, excellent sleep. I felt very much like myself. I felt like I had my whole life ahead of me and that I would have a full life. I could feel the trees, and I felt so connected to everything. In the spring of that year before I got sick, a tree I planted at my house got killed by the winter. I took it and made it into a walking stick. I should have seen that as an omen. Many things seemed like omens before that horrible 4th of July. I was just coming into my own and becoming comfortable with my sexuality. I grew up in a small all white Midwestern town, which was filled with a lot of people who were not gay. Regardless of my sexuality I was different, and people felt it, and I was always bullied when I was younger, and as I grew older I was mostly ignored, or generally ostracized by most of my peer group. It always bothered me and made me feel like there was something wrong with me. I suffered from terrible anxiety.

Senior year I felt good, I wasn’t afraid of the other people at school. I was openly gay, and ready to take on the world. I was happy to be soon out of high-school, and looking forward to doing normal people college stuff. It was the key to my future happiness I thought. I met a younger guy who I fell in love with for a short time. He just wanted sex and to fool around. I wanted the whole enchilada I loved him. The first time I lost my virginity with him, he and I both had a cold for a week after. Something in my mind said you didn’t use protection, what if he had HIV. I told myself that wasn’t the case he was too young only 16! I was very foolish! I didn’t understand anything about parasites ugh! I got infected from unprotected sex.

He promptly dumped me several weeks later. I pushed Brian to the back of my mind but really he had terrible acne and was treating it with a doctor recommended antibiotic, He had recently moved from los Vegas. He was not healthy in any way shape or form.

I got a terrible ear infection that refused to go away. I had had ear troubles for a large part of my life but they got worse when I was like around 14. I would get sick for weeks. I really feel this was due to all the massive chem-trailing that was going on around that time. I really saw people begin to age more rapidly and I think it is due to all the crap they really massively began dumping on us. IT IS AWFUL! It didn’t help my health.

None of these thoughts really went through my mind when I was sick after I woke up in the morning from a sleepless night and entered a hellish day. My routine consisted of getting a few hours of sleep around six or seven. Eating something for breakfast or lunch, who cared then laying in the sun absorbing it. I was so damaged I couldn’t read or really think all I could do was jog, or exersize. I wasn’t suicidal just annoyed I put my faith in doctors. They must be able to help me, someone! My parents didn’t seem to understand anything about the hell I went through. They acted like it was a cold or my mental health. The worried about me but couldn’t relate to what I was experiencing.

They took me to Doctor Whitmer, she did blood tests and again found abnormalities with my blood and different hormone levels. She said my cortisol levels were very high and that there wasn’t much to do for me. She suggested exercising.

I was so angry after leaving that doctors office. People who are trained and paid should never say there is nothing we can do. My eyes began to open to the reality and the waking dream many people are in.

When a doctor says there is nothing we can do for you, you feel scared and hopeless. So I went to the internet and decided to become my own advocate. I went to different forums until I found one called curezone. I posted my story and people answered me. They told me I was not alone and that many people have unknown health problems that defy explanation. I began to learn about natural diets, and holistic healing. Soon I began to realize reality is not what it seemed at all and slowly my reality shifted and I began to believe the body could be healed.

I then moved to South Carolina with my family and actually began to get a little better. I could string words together and do a few living things again. Until, I managed to follow the horrible advice of a website supporting raw meat consumption. I nearly killed myself on accident by consuming raw meat in an effort to heal my organs and body. I inundated myself with more parasites and was in a very, very bad state. I cried at night and lay in bed dying I told my parents there is something very wrong with me and I need help. Help came later that day through finding Tobi’s website. Emailing her and later calling her. I Believe God has been a very helpful presence in my whole experience of healing and that he led me to her website. THAT WAS A MIRACLE AND I AM LUCKY!

Tobi’s healing abilities are extremely advanced. and she could tell simply by the phone call that there were things wrong with me. I said I’m okay, I have a few problems…..”

Her response, “you are not okay you need to be real, if I’m going to be real there a lot going on with you, you have parasites in your thymus, pinworms in your right ear, and your brain and your prostate. You’re quite sick!” Since I wasn’t working at the time my mom agreed to pay Tobi, and Tobi agreed to work with me and heal me. Under Tobi’s care I healed quite well to a point towards the end of the month I began to have parasites come out of my scrotum, my scrotum swelled and many horrible things died and existed. It was extremely sci-fi for me. I regained a sense of health I had lost and, I was so wanting to go on healing and working with her. I had learned wonderful beautiful things and had made a good friend in the process. Tobi opened my eyes a lot! My mother refused to pay for my healing, and It really threw a monkey wrench into everything.

She kept lying….I’ll pay…It was partially my fault too because I knew in my heart how dishonest she could be and I didn’t say anything. It was very weird because as I became much healthier and it was evident, my mother became crazier and angrier to the point where she wouldn’t have me working with Tobi at all. This broke my heart and felt like a death sentence. I didn’t want to die. I held blame in my heart. IT WAS BEYOND HORRIBLE! I stopped working with Tobi

I was so confused by reality I ran and hid myself away everything was like a dream.

I just knew I needed to leave my parents, my life was a prison of my own making, and If I could never leave them. I would be stuck and never really get healthy again. I was in a long distance relationship with a boy online who didn’t love me back and thanks to the wisdom gained from working with Tobi, I dumped him, It was liberating for both me and him. I then went back on the internet and managed to find Ryan my boyfriend for the first time I went on an internet chatroom after dumping Dan. The shear impossibility of finding your soul mate like this was nothing short of a miracle. I seriously doubted he was real. I questioned him many times are you real? ARE YOU ALIVE?

I told him I had health issues but he didn’t care, he loved me and I loved him. I knew I had to go meet him so we planned and one day he drove all the way from Buffalo NY to Swansea, South Carolina and took me back. I worked at a garden center in the spring and by midsummer I was really sick again and by fall I was on my deathbed and I had to go back to my parents to get out of the city. So I left and spent the winter back In South Carolina dying again, my lymph nodes swelled up and my eyes reddened and this time things began to explode out of my body, black specks, fibers and weird metallic things which really freaked me out. I developed severe skin lesions and rashes and lost a lot of weight.

Ryan rescued me a second time and brought me back to buffalo when he saw me he was in shock I was a corpse. It was horrible I missed him so much living without him was bad. I rallied my strength and went on a diet and took horrible medicine and I felt a little better and it managed to keep me alive. Then winter hit and I started to do really bad. I lay in bed could barely walk and I felt like this might be the last winter I would be around. Ryan has been a very strong support in my life and has helped me when no one else dared to, He has always loved me and wanted the best for me and I am thankful he is in my life. Finding him was a miracle.

In the spring I tried finding a job with my old employers but the woman judged me and rudely rejected me even after she had been nicer to me in the fall. I COULD NOT GO ON LIKE THIS!

I called Tobi, She forgave me, sensed how sick I was and immediately wanted to work with me. I was so happy that day I said I’m not going to die this year or the next. I’m not going to die. I knew at that point there were two choices I could have chosen. To die or to work with Tobi, there was no other healer out there for me. I felt blessed SHE SAVED ME LIFE TWICE! She’s tremendous support and dear friend, who works magic!

Omg where to begin with Tobi? There are no other advanced healers on the planet that can do what she does, believe me I did my research…….Her love and compassion, and drive allows miracles to manifest where darkness, and black-holes exist before. Through healing and evolving the body everything else in the hologram heals too. SHE AMAZES ME EVERYTIME I TALK TO HER CONTINUALLY! She is very supportive and has helped my body so much to come so far from the brink of death. I have learned about the importance of revering the body as a temple and treating it properly through love of self through use proper diet and medicine she has helped continually and always given her 190 percent! I managed to find a job that allows me to be myself and the employees there love me. I work sometimes 28 hour weeks of hard physical labor since working with her! I basically do job kung-fu. I run around answer phone calls, help people, load concrete, answer questions about plants, instill a sense of love and joy into my responses to people, deal with sometimes mean customers, down-stock, restock and generally work my butt off and sweep! This is also very much a miracle!

I’m so much healthier after since working with her, I’m no longer a ZOMBIE! My T-Cell Count is in the mid 90’s through the roof! When I first started working with her it was at 0. I have gotten smarter and everything runs better. She has been wonderful friend! I have almost none of the symptoms I started with while working with her, and I WAS NEARLY DEAD with HIV/AIDS, A bunch of Mutated GMO parasites, fungus, bacteria and protozoa.

She has even helped my dog and my boyfriend! I look gorgeous and not so skeletal go read the part about not walking and being a corpse again…..this is healing.

I look forward to being completely healed of all my issues and embracing my future fully awake and alive. Praise the LORD!

I have a sense of hope, and joy, and spunk, and love for life, I lost for a long time. THANK YOU GOD, DIVINE, AND TOBI and all the miracles!

If anyone is hesistant or afraid to work with her, your fears are holding you back from the health you deserve to experience! She is a beautiful highly evolved being that is the most amazing person I have been blessed to meet!

I cannot fully express my gratitude for what she has done in writing . THANK YOU!

Your help - your gift of healing - is helping save my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Don't even want to think of it... because I know that I found you just in time.
I have been off my medication for them for over a week and have not had any allergy attacks...

This vivacious 10 year-old girl could only stand briefly without a support. Today she can stand for longer than she can count, her speech, posture and cognition have visibly improved…


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