Guinea Pig Cure

Our family’s favorite pet developed a quarter-sized tumor in its throat...

Our family’s favorite Guinea Pig developed a quarter-sized tumor in its throat. “Piggy” was a very special Guinea Pig. Unlike most guinea pigs, he had a deep soul. When you held him he looked you in the eye. He did not react in single dimension fear, rather, he actually felt you and could tell your intent with him. He allowed the dog to sniff and lick him and he loved to be petted on the stomach and head. His having such a large tumor in his throat meant it might be a fatal experience and that surgery, which can often cause death, was out of the question.

Tobi was summoned and prescribed and oversaw the giving of a variety of herbal tinctures and simple medicines on a daily basis. The process continued for 4 months. Through this time the tumor went through a number of changes – it shrank and grew some, it shifted in its density becoming at times harder and softer and it also moved about from further out of his throat to deeper in. Over the course of the treatments Tobi monitored the situation constantly: she directed every day’s dosage amount and she changed the medicines in the regime at least three times.

After 3 1/2 months he went through a period of losing weight, causing alarm that the medicines were causing him harm. Simultaneously, the tumor dropped from deep in his throat to just under the skin and lower on his chest. Although the family members feared for his health we persevered with the medicines through the healing crisis and were rewarded when the tumor oozed out through his skin and healed!

Tobi saved Piggy’s life. Our entire family is grateful. Thank you Tobi!

Your help - your gift of healing - is helping save my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Don't even want to think of it... because I know that I found you just in time.
I have been off my medication for them for over a week and have not had any allergy attacks...

This vivacious 10 year-old girl could only stand briefly without a support. Today she can stand for longer than she can count, her speech, posture and cognition have visibly improved…


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