Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Parkinson's

I'd had migraines my entire life, recurring rashes on my hands, low energy, and had started to develop shaky hands. My future was looking dark.

I hardly know where to begin writing a testimonial to the transformative role Tobi Wilde has had in my life. She has worked with me on so many different areas of my life, from the visibly apparent changes in my physical well-being and even the clothes I wear, to the help she’s given me connecting to and learning to love my emotional self. The goal and the source of everything she does, is Love, including “tough Love,” and in my experience she makes no compromise in regards to that.

In terms of my health, I started following a program she gave me back in 2006. Up to that time I’d had migraine headaches my entire life. Only then they were getting noticeably worse – more frequent, more intense, longer-lasting, more debilitating. They started lasting for days at a time. Nothing relieved the pain – not aspirin, not tylenol with codeine, not pressure points or massage… I could do nothing but curl up in a darkened room and wait it out. It was starting to affect my livelihood. I went to a brain specialist but he found nothing he could do anything about.

Enter Tobi.

She said, give me a chance, what do you have to lose? And in fact I had nothing to lose but my pain. Within two months I had the last migraine I’ve had to date – it’s been over 4 years since then.

At the time I also looked anemic (despite eating very healthfully – I had been a natural foods chef for many years), felt tired or low-energy virtually all the time, and had, incongruously, developed a “spare tire” around my waistline. I felt resigned to the experience of becoming middle-aged, and it showed in my demeanor, my dress, my zest for life. I also periodically got an itchy rash in-between my thumb and forefinger, which recurred not long after the headaches stopped. This started us on the next adventure. But before moving on, I want to note that all my symptoms together represent early signs of Parkinson’s disease – which my grandmother recently died from. So I have no doubt that what Tobi channeled saved me from the agony of that disease. And even beyond that, I appreciate that she cared enough to give me the chance to benefit from God’s gift to her.

Since about the age of 20, itchy bumps had appeared on my hands. I could never determine what triggered them – not stress, not diet, not weather, nothing I could put together. They’d appear for a while, annoy me, then subside. I hadn’t seen them for a while, but not long after my headaches stopped they returned. Tobi took the opportunity to pick a tincture for me, which started me on a rollercoaster of itchy rash that nearly drove me out of my mind. It also triggered a memory that I’d had the same condition when I was about 7 years old, in conjunction with a terrible emotional experience. At that time, a doctor had prescribed a foul, chemical-smelling soak. As Tobi described it, the cause of that symptom, parasites, simply retreated deeper into my system. Her program, however, caused the parasites, thanks to a changed diet and unpleasant (to them) supplements, to flee the connective tissues they inhabited and move to the surface – my hands (and back, actually). She had me apply poultices that killed them when they exited. She described it as parasites on my connective tissues – another word for which would be Fibromyalgia. The final stage of that experience was a full-body soak in a medicinal bath she channeled, after which all itchiness ended. Once my hands scabbed over and healed it was completely finished. And those rashes have never returned.

At a certain stage my hands looked like rhinoceros hide or something! My hands literally ballooned up, full of parasites, which eventually drained out as pus.

Since that time, I have completely lost the spare tire, and without spending hours in the gym I have the body I had in my twenties. My hair is long, thick and healthy, I have good strength, energy and stamina, and I never get sick, ever. EVER. I have Tobi to thank for it.

Healing, true healing, has not been easy, in fact it’s been much harder than the alternative, on every level. Emotions behind the illness (dis-ease) surface. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, absolutely not. I’ve seen Tobi’s work reverse all sorts of untreatable conditions, to the exact extent that people are willing to face whatever they have been avoiding that caused the illness in the first place. Not incidentally, she diagnosed my own father’s pancreatic cancer over 2 years before medically detectable signs appeared. And in another case, I watched as her regime brought back kidney function to a nearly 80-year old man on dialysis. He had neither peed on his own nor had an erection in years, and in less than a month was enjoying both…

I have never met anybody who can do anything close to what she does, so I say to you, dear reader, if you have a health issue that you truly want to heal (and everybody does), you can do no better than to work with Tobi Wilde. You have found somebody truly incomparable, whom God has favored with a blessed gift. Take the opportunity you are now presented, in the name of Love.

Peter Jacobson
Santa Fe, NM

Your help - your gift of healing - is helping save my life. I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Don't even want to think of it... because I know that I found you just in time.
I have been off my medication for them for over a week and have not had any allergy attacks...

This vivacious 10 year-old girl could only stand briefly without a support. Today she can stand for longer than she can count, her speech, posture and cognition have visibly improved…


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