Herpes, the so-called incurable disease

I have made many discoveries about a supposedly incurable disease known as “herpes”

Early on, when at that time, I had no idea what my capabilities were as a healer… I was requested by a potential healee, if I could heal herpes. Well, I took that on, and made MANY discoveries of what makes up what is a so-called “incurable” disease known as herpes.

Herpes consists of 3 major parasites, and lo and behold, one of those parasites happens to be scabies!

I just went along and channeled the diet and medicine regime as I always do. The scabies parasites surfaced on the skin, and I was challenged to come up with what to do when that occurred! I came up with the most amazing ideas, which totally eradicated that problem.

Herpes is an absolutely healable disease… as with the cooperation of those I am healing, we have been able to completely wipe out this so-called “incurable” disease.

This note recently fluttered out of Tobi's desk. From 2003!
I absolutely believe with all of my being, that if he had committed to working with Tobi, he would be alive today, and he'd be a better person for it. If anybody could have saved him, it would have been Tobi...
I have made many discoveries about a supposedly incurable disease known as “herpes”


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