All Diseases Can Be Healed

Everyone out there gets major, horrific diseases… but not me!


Everyone and anyone else out there, yeah, leukemia is absolutely possible. But me? Never! I being very athletic and vegetarian… How could it be me???

I began to notice I was huffing and puffing on my bike, going only slightly uphill. My Body began to feel as though I was wearing an overly tight wetsuit – or maybe having been tarred. The bottoms of my feet hurt severely, it felt like I was suffocating in my Body. The suffocation of my Body created deep and extreme emotional depression. I found myself feeling utterly exhausted… I was in agony. So I went to my first doctor.

He told me he was not a blood specialist, that my white cell count was something he did not understand, and that he didn’t want to diagnose me or scare me. So he recommended a doctor in San Francisco (I was living in Berkeley).

All the blood tests came back and I was diagnosed with Leukemia. He told me I had no more than 2 years to live… If I was lucky. Well, I didn’t believe this guy! So I called an acquaintance, a renowned physician, who had gone to school with a top blood specialist that practiced in San Francisco.

He set me up with this doctor and lo and behold, the blood tests came back even worse. That doctor told me it looked like I didn’t even have a year left to live, and I had to find somebody to take my children, otherwise the State would. This was happening in early 1988.

Well, here I am!

What I am saying here is, miracles do happen. And the miracle is, I now can heal any disease. The story of how this amazing miracle came to me is on my About page .

What I desire to say here is, if you so desire to not die, and Live, all diseases can be healed.

This note recently fluttered out of Tobi's desk. From 2003!
I absolutely believe with all of my being, that if he had committed to working with Tobi, he would be alive today, and he'd be a better person for it. If anybody could have saved him, it would have been Tobi...
I have made many discoveries about a supposedly incurable disease known as “herpes”


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